BFPO Cheer: Bringing Happiness to Our Armed Forces

1. Smiles in a Box: Cheerful Surprises and Goodies

Fill the care package with Smiles in a Box – cheerful surprises and goodies that bring instant happiness. Include small toys, playful items, and treats that evoke laughter and joy.

2. Operation Laughter: Humorous Books and Entertainment

Launch Operation Laughter with humorous books and entertainment. Include comedy novels, joke books, or funny movies to provide soldiers with a lighthearted escape and moments of laughter.

3. Positive Affirmation Notes: Encouragement for Each Day

Incorporate Positive Affirmation Notes to uplift spirits. Include daily affirmations, motivational quotes, and encouraging messages, providing soldiers with a dose of positivity and motivation.

4. Celebration Stationery: Festive Cards and Decorations

Transform the barracks into a Celebration Stationery haven. Include festive cards, decorations, and banners to bring a sense of celebration and happiness to soldiers during special occasions.

5. Operation Playtime: Fun and Games Collection

Engage soldiers in Operation Playtime with a fun and games collection. Include board games, card games, or puzzles that provide entertainment and foster camaraderie among troops.

6. Culinary Delights: Sweet Treats and Comfort Foods

Infuse the care package with Culinary Delights. Include sweet treats and comfort foods that evoke feelings of happiness and indulgence, offering soldiers a delicious respite.

7. Feel-Good Films: Movie Night Essentials

Organize a Feel-Good Films night with movie night essentials. Include DVDs, streaming service subscriptions, or popcorn, creating a cozy movie night experience for soldiers to enjoy.

8. Operation Art Attack: Creative Expression Supplies

Encourage soldiers to unleash their creativity with Operation Art Attack. Include art supplies, sketchbooks, or coloring books, allowing troops to engage in creative expression and find joy in artistic endeavors.

9. Community Cheers: Messages from Local Supporters

Collect Community Cheers – messages from local supporters. Reach out to community members, schools, and organizations to gather letters, drawings, and well-wishes, creating a sense of connection and community support.

10. Operation Gratitude Parade: Mini Celebration Kits

Stage an Operation Gratitude Parade with mini celebration kits. Include confetti, party hats, and small trinkets to create a festive atmosphere, letting soldiers know they are celebrated and appreciated.

In summary, BFPO Cheer care packages aim to bring happiness and positivity to our Armed Forces. By incorporating surprises, laughter, entertainment, and community support, these packages seek to uplift soldiers’ spirits and create moments of joy during their military service.

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