Building Business Relationships? 3 Things You Should Avoid

Please allow me to ask, why would people go online and search for ways to build business relationships?

Could it be because a person knows that building good business relationships can lead to greater financial rewards? Has someone made the realization that building great business relationships can cause one to never run out of prospects and opportunities? Or can it be that building phenomenal business relationships can deliver unlimited options for favors, perks, and resources?

Anyone searching to improve business relationships definitely has a motive in mind. Whatever the motive, it is likely that it is to enhance and elevate rather than damage or disintegrate. In this article, we are going to focus on avoiding aspects that can cause damage or disintegration.

There is truly an abundance of information available on how to make business relationships work well but our focus will be on the strict avoidance of certain actions. In addition, some things may seem like common sense but one must realize that what is common to some is not common to all.

Okay, now that we have that established, what will we be avoiding and why?

It only makes sense that when you’re dealing with building business relationships, the simplest things to focus on are the basics. But just as in the common sense comment above, what’s basic for some may not be basic to others. Therefore, here our 3 things to avoid when building business relationships;

First, one should avoid joking almost altogether. The reason being, although an associate may have a great sense of humor outside of work, they may be stern on not allowing that side of their personality to be evident during working hours. When looking to build business relationships, it may only take one bad joke at the wrong time to completely blow your progress.

Secondly, avoid being late for meetings. This includes all meetings, like in person, conference calls, and even one on one phone calls. Time is a precious commodity and when you’re building business relationships virtual roundtables, you want to respect a peers time. When it comes to this aspect, the Golden Rule strongly applies.

Third and lastly, return messages promptly. Nothing says “You are not important to me.” like not responding to a voice mail, text, or e-mail. Even if it’s somewhat inconvenient or if it’s a contact who you are not interested in conducting business with, you’re doing the right thing when you respond to a message. Doing so is usually a small thing but it correlates directly with “what goes around comes around”. It’s better to respond to a call/message than to be branded as an unresponsive-non-caring individual.

In conclusion, take heed to avoid engaging in these bad traits. They may be basic and common to some but you’ll have to agree that you will build much better business relationships by leaving these things out of your daily activities.

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