Depression, You Can Turn It Around!

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Depression takes a holiday! Depression is the simplest mental illness to to stop, to pause, to relieve, yet day after day, in hospitals all over the country, doctors still attempt to cure depression without making patients aware of the very relief that is available to them for free.Some cases of severe, deep-seated depression might need medication and long-term therapy, but some mild depression, ordinary sadnesses can be paused by having the person take action. Imagine if every depressed person knew and learned and remembered that a person cannot remain depressed if they are continuously taking action, then maybe thousands or millions of patients would begin taking action in their own lives. Society is so dependent on drugs and on healing that comes only from drugs and from surgery, that society is reluctant to hear what the truth is about depression and what might relieve depression. I am not saying that some people do not need drugs. But I am saying that in some cases where mild depression exists, that taking action, being active, being creative does relieve that depression, even if only temporary. One can keep taking that action which relieves the depression probably in the same manner one takes pills and prescriptions. Too many people take prescription drugs for depression and then take no action in their own lives. You cannot relieve depression by taking drugs and then taking no action. Being depressed requires you to be still, to lay dormant, to stay put in one place, to have no creativity, to have no desire to do anything in your life. Then there is a mild depression that is a situation where the person is active and remains active to fight their depression and for as long as the person is active in their life, the depression subsides, takes a back seat to everything else.

Get busy! Think about this in your own life. Whether you have ever been depressed or not, there have been times in your life when you simply have been too busy to be depressed. You just didn’t have time to be depressed or have time to know that you were or should be depressed. (Some people’s lives are filled with so much trauma and tragedy that it makes sense that they would be depressed. That would be anyone’s normal reaction. Yet, in some people’s lives, they are simply too busy to feel or act depressed. So, therefore, action of some type can and does ward off the outward signs of depression even if one is depressed inside (in their minds). There was this joke about Old Mother Hubbard who lived in a shoe. Someone saw all the children running all around and in and out of the house. It seemed like chaos. They asked her how come she had not had a nervous breakdown from all the work she had to do. She replied that she simply was too busy. And that is so true. Many of us are sad, sad as those who lay in bed all day and night, except that we are simply too busy to keep depression in our bodies. Take a clue from that fairy tale joke and get yourself busy right now.

You can be active and still be depressed! Then there are times when you are simply depressed and you try action and yet you stay depressed even while being active. Most people “quit’ there and go back to inaction. Yet, if you just keep at the action, keep being active, EVEN if you still feel depressed while being active, your activity will soon win out over the How to Overcome Loneliness After a Breakup. The key is to be determined and continue to be active. Think about it. The most severely depressed individuals sit still or remain in bed all day and all night. If they could bring themselves to move, to take some steps, to get out of bed, to go for a walk, and if they could convince themselves to do this every day or a few times a day, eventually their action would win out over their inaction.

So what does it all mean? It means that if you find yourself being mildly depressed, the very best medicine for you at that exact moment would be to take action. Taking some good, positive action in your life will help you get back to yourself, as you were before you were depressed. So, how does one treat themselves to relieve their own depression when they are living alone or when they have no one counseling them? Is there any hope for solitary people who are depressed? What about those depressed people who are secluded and not in contact with any of their family? Where is the hope for them? Are you depressed? Are you sitting there at your computer, reading this article, knowing that you are feeling very depressed? Have you been that way for long? Where are the answers for you?

I am not a doctor, nurse or counselor, but I have some information that is relevant to depression. More than anything, I know one thing, that depression can not battle against action. Yes, that is right, action! If you are sitting in your chair there reading this article, and you feel depressed, take hope in the fact that you are not totally depressed. Otherwise, if you were, you would not be online, and you would not be reading this. The fact that you are reading this article, that you came to the computer shows that you are not totally depressed. A totally depressed person would not have got this far. So, congratulate yourself! You have conquered some of your depression by taking an action. You took the action of going online. More than that, you took many actions. You got up out of bed, walked to the computer or wheeled your wheelchair to the computer and you then began surfing the net. You found my article and you are here reading! That is awesome progress for a depressed person. Pat yourself on the back and know that you can do more and you can take more actions to combat the depression that you are feeling.

Feeling suicidal? Sometimes when you are depressed, you might have suicidal thoughts and feelings also. It makes sense. The pain of depression is so awful that some just want to be relieved of the pain and want that so bad that they begin thinking and feeling suicidal. Think different. Yes, I said think different. Put different thoughts in your head. Know and remind yourself that it is not life that you truly want to leave but it is the pain that you want to leave. So keep that in mind. If you are feeling suicidal, the best thing to do is to call a suicide hotline. Here are some numbers to call if you are feeling or thinking suicidal: 1.800.SUICIDE or 1.800.273.TALK or 1.800.784.2433 . Call any of those numbers if you have any suicidal thoughts, suicidal words, actions or feelings. If you have an immediate emergency, call the police or operator immediately.

What about minor depression? Now, suppose your depression is just a minor depression. Suppose you are just a little bit sad. How do you treat this if you already decide that you do not want to take anti-depressants? You can treat your depression with action. This can be a beginning treatment before you even have time to get to a doctor. Take action. (This is not a medical treatment of course, and if you need to see a doctor, then go see one. Make an appointment today. You might even find some walk-in clinics in your own neighborhood). Suppose you are sad because your bunny died. Yes that is real sadness over a real event. But the sadness over this loss does not have to turn your whole life around. You can fix your sadness and become a little happy by being active. Don’t just sit there, do something! Go read a book. There is a wonderful book called, “How to Survive the Loss of a Love”. I have read many books about loss and this particular book is one of the most effective and on-target book ever published. Near the end of this article I placed a link that brings you to this book. So, sometimes you can help rid yourself of depression or sadness by reading, other times by listening to music, or seeing a movie. Everything depends on you, on how you react to circumstances and to life in general.

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