Discover Why Sediment Water Filters Are Not Enough to Purify Your Water

If you’re like me, you want to be drinking and showering in clean, healthy water. To do this, you need to install a water purifier in your home. Part of that system may include sediment water filters.

Having sediment water filters will remove the dirt and grime from your water. This will protect your dishwasher, water purifier, piping, pumps, and valves.

Well water is the most likely case where you’d need a sediment water filter. Most public water systems have screening and filtration that removes sediment.

Once the sediment is removed, you need to have a water purifier. There are far more dangerous contaminants in your water that dirt. A sediment filter won’t remove these but a water purifier will.

Do you use chlorine to kill bacteria in your well? It does a good job of this however it’s very dangerous to drink. In fact, studies have proven that drinking water with chlorine in it can increase your risk of getting cancer by over 90%.

With the right water purification filters, you will remove all of the chlorine from your water.

There are many other chemicals that have made their way into well water. Pesticides, fertilizers, gasoline, weed killers, pharmaceutical drugs and many more are now in most people’s well water. Even if you live out in the country, you will still have these toxic chemicals.

A multi stage carbon filter will remove all of these contaminants from your water. The best filter system will have a carbon block, ion exchange, and sub micron filter.

It’s important to remove these chemicals as they’ve been proven to cause cancer. A simple to install carbon filter will remove this unhealthy impact on your body.

So there you have it. Sediment water filters will remove the dirt from your water but adding a carbon filter will get rid of all the toxins. Do yourself a huge favor today; get yourself a carbon filtration system. The health of you and your family depends on it.

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