Homes for Sale: Dressing Your New Address

The way you dress speaks volumes. A tailored suit screams “success”, while leather pants on a man are more a cry for help. In a similar vein, how you decorate homes for sale reflects both your style and your circumstances.

If you’re selling Zapopan real estate, the proper décor can help generate offers and even boost the sale price. For those who have recently purchased a property, interior design expresses your personality and makes that new house feel like home. It’s the most effective way to imprint who you are on where you live.

Either way, there are some quick, creative ways to give homes for sale a look that’s uniquely yours.

Speaking with an Accent

Simply put, an accent wall or “feature wall” is one whose design differs from the other walls in the room, usually in the form of a different paint color. Whether it’s a tranquil blue or luxurious burgundy, this is a simple yet compelling way to add visual interest to a room.

Just be sure that if you choose a more “vocal” color like orange or yellow, you limit it to one wall so as not to overpower a small space. That swatch of hot pink or fire engine red might look intriguing in the store, but too much of it in homes for sale and you’ll be climbing the walls instead of admiring them.

Alternatively, you could use wallpaper that shares a common color with the other walls. By again limiting yourself to a single accent wall, you can incorporate an interesting pattern that strikes just the right balance between standing out and blending in.

An Idea that’s Too Good to Shelve

To blend the practical with the picturesque, try affixing some open shelves to a bare wall in the kitchen. The extra shelf space will make some of that counter clutter disappear and give you more room to work your culinary magic. As well, it’s a chance to start putting your own stamp on a new home by displaying a prized collection or other items of special significance.

Better By the Foot

If you’re short on space in a living room or bedroom in homes for sale, you can adapt a low shelving unit for use as a footboard. While you stash quilts and reading material on the shelf, the top surface doubles as an extra spot to sit. For some added flair, use decorative baskets to hold the various items instead of just placing them directly on the shelf. That way you can boost your free space and your reputation as a design genius at the same time; it’s a win-win!

Now You See it, Now You Don’t

When you first take possession of homes for sale, space is often at a premium. Another novel way to address that is the addition of rolling storage under a bed. Since your budget is likely as strained as your nerves following the big move, look for matching drawers at Goodwill or garage sales and mount them on casters. Then fill them with books, blankets and bed sheets and watch your clutter concerns slide away.

Like your own wardrobe, the key to success with a home’s décor is to find a few key elements that can serve as a foundation and build from there. In fact, your taste in clothes might serve as inspiration for an interior design plan. If you’re a “suit” person, your residence could reflect that with exquisite furnishings and classic accents. Should your tastes run more towards the “leather pants” theme, however, you might be better off renting.

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