Intensive Residential Treatment Programs For Teens

Sadly today many teens find themselves in trouble. Drug addiction is a typical area of concern. And if the drug-taking has been going on for some time and highly-addictive substances are involved, then the teen needs intensive treatment. Chemical addiction can be both a physical and mental problem requiring expert and prolonged treatment. That is where an intensive residential treatment facility is the ideal, and some say the only, solution to the problem.

You see an intensive residential facility has teams of trained professionals who are available around the clock to care for and treat the teenage residents. It’s not just a skeleton staff in the wee small hours. A resident could become ill at any time. They could require counseling in the middle of the night. This is the main strength of such an institution. Staffing ratios are low and constant. Staffing standards are first class.

But please understand that the overall approach in an intensive residential facility is one of Benzo Detox encouragement and love. The harsh discipline routine does not exist. The aim is to build a spirit of co-operation and trust. A community spirit is developed and residents made to feel a part of a family. Everyone is pulling in the same direction.

The medical analysis of every resident is a top priority. All teens are constantly monitored for blood pressure, weight and body temperature is constantly tested. The diet is carefully controlled and for residents with an eating disorder, this is particularly important. The staff knows that therapeutic treatment works best when the resident is physically and mentally fit and well so every effort is made to bring the teens to a high level of good health.

The basic theme of the intensive treatment is recovery. Everyone on staff is working towards this solitary goal – getting the residents to become and to stay better. Residents have the opportunity to form friendships with other teens who have been through the same sorts of troubles. In many cases lifelong friendships have evolved from young people meeting and going through treatment in one of these intensive treatment facilities. There is a spirit of community and a positive attitude at all times. Your teen is not just healed of their troubles but becomes far stronger in their self-esteem and determination to live a full and happy life.

You can well imagine that such intensive treatment is labor intensive and thus the costs can be high. But when a teen has fallen far, the only recovery option may be time in an intensive residential treatment center. You could consider centers which are covered by your insurance company or you could ask about a pay-as-you-go plan.

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