Ladies Jackets: Top Trends 2011

It is not easy to find the time to research the latest fashions, and with spring just around the corner, us ladies will soon be turning our minds to fashionable ladies jackets. Well, we have done the hard work for you and researched the latest trends in women’s jackets for spring 2011, and here they are:

Leather Jackets

In recent years, leather jackets have gone from grungy to sexy, making them the ideal item for women who want to look great. Leather coats are incredibly versatile, suiting a wide range of outfits, whether you love the grunge look, or love the more sophisticated feminine fashions, you will find a leather jacket that suits your tastes. In fact, a decent leather jacket is transferable between looks, which makes them the ultimate jacket: the Queen of ladies jackets.

Of particular interest in fashion circles, are the hooded leather jackets, and you should expect to see a great many on sale this season. Cropped versions will also feature heavily, and will make the ideal jacket for evening wear.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets have been out of favour recently, but this season, they are back with a vengeance. Not quite as elegant as a leather, Cropped Denim Jacket are rugged and suit the urban look.

There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing a denim jacket. Firstly, make sure that you select a tailored jacket; denim tends to be a heavyset material, and can add bulk to your frame.

Denim can be hard to wear with jeans, and many fashion mistakes come when people do not match their jeans and jackets correctly. In general, the greater the contrast between your jeans and your denim jacket the better. The best way to achieve this is by selecting a jacket that is different in colour to your jeans, if you do opt for the same colour then make sure that they are at the opposite end of the spectrum, e.g. light blue jeans, and dark blue jacket.

Baseball Jackets

As far as ladies jackets go, nobody has expected this trend. Many of the fashionista accredit this recent trend to programmes like Glee, which have popularised American high school fashions.

This year, even Louis Vuitton has released a version of the baseball, but this is probably out of most people’s price range for a jacket, at £1,500! Topshop released a more reasonably priced jacket, at £40, which are selling fast. Expect to see many baseball jackets this spring, even in the UK where we do not even play baseball.

Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are popular this year; they make for a great jacket because they are fashionable and comfortable too. There are many different styles of bomber jacket available, meaning that you will find one to suit practically any fashion taste. From aviator bomber to military bomber, bomber jackets are hot!

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