Radiant Hot Water Heat Is a Comfortable, Reliable, and Efficient Heat

If you have just purchased an older house or flat and are renovating it entirely, then most often the obvious thing to do seems to be to rush out and purchase a new central heating system to replace the existing one or fit a new central heating system if none exists. Yet there are now numerous credible alternative heating systems that compare well to the traditional water-based Geen warm water boiler and radiator solutions. Indeed it is of note that the United Kingdom is almost unique in Europe and the rest of the World in providing heating around the home using a central heating boiler system in this way.

Many other countries tend to use hot air based heating systems as are prevalent throughout the whole of North America and Canada, as well as under floor heating systems, which are also widely used in other countries.

Whilst these systems are gradually being integrated into houses in this country they are only really predominant in self build homes at present, however one credible alternative to the central heating boiler system is storage heaters.

Long gone are the incredibly heavy and bulky storage heaters that we tend to think of from the 1970’s and long gone are the huge electricity bills that people tend to think of when they think of storage heaters. This is because predominantly modern storage heaters make use of extremely cheap electricity that is fed into them to heat up the storage blocks in the early hours of the morning when electricity is for sale at its very cheapest.

Modern storage heaters will still be some way thicker than your average radiator, but will actually take up considerably less wall space than an equivalent radiator does. As whilst they might be deeper they are considerably shorter in length than a conventional radiator that kicks out the same heat amount of heat.

Modern storage heaters are also much slimmer than the ones of a couple of decades ago, not only that they are now also relatively intelligent and the top models come with digital controls, whereby you can sets the required temperature that you want in the room, and the vents on the block will open and close to regulate the heat output during the course of the day to maintain the preset temperature on the digital controller.

You can purchase storage heaters in a wide range of sizes from very large ones, which will cope with the largest of heating requirements through to tiny ones, which can be used in a downstairs toilet as an example.


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