Things to Look for When Hiring a Qualified Plumber

A credible plumber has the potential to save a property owner both time and money. Hiring the right plumber is often a process of asking the right questions in relation to qualities and experience. With such a number of local plumbing services available, it might take a bit of time to find one that you’re able to really trust – although this work can really be worth the effort, as you will have instant access to a reliable Plumber Camden South should an emergency arise in the future.

Here are some of the main steps involved in searching for a qualified plumbing service:

Get Referrals: Start by asking family members, friends or co-workers if they’ve recently used the services of a reliable plumber which they might be willing to refer. Ask about the service in general and whether they are likely to hire the plumber in the future should the need arise. Obtain any relevant contact details which might be available.

If a personal refer isn’t possible, you might have the option of contacting another trades person, such as an electrician or builder, who can refer you to a skilled plumber. While these contractors aren’t able to help with any plumbing related emergencies, it is often a case that many professionals have access to or work with a range of people in different trades. Although, you might still need to do you own research, it is still highly beneficial to get a referral of this type.

Ask Questions: Make certain to ask the plumber any relevant questions prior to agreeing to let them work on your business premises or home. Questions worth asking relate to the charges which might apply to the call-out or traveling, whether access is available to spare parts (in case of an emergency), usual response time, hourly rates, etc. It also helps to determine the credibility of a plumber by making sure that the right trade qualifications are held, which should also confirm that the right licenses and insurance are in force. It might also help if you’re able to ask the plumbing service to provide client references or testimonials.

Obtain Estimates: In the process of choosing a trade qualified plumber, you should ask for two or three estimates which will enable you to compare each side by side to decide on the most appealing. It will help to determine the charges and fees involved. For instance, some plumbers will charge a call out fee just for turning up at your property. Although, a plumber isn’t likely to be able to quote a job before inspecting in-person, it can still help to have an initial discussion by phone to get an idea of the expected costs.


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